Who we are.

Offering 14 years of real estate experience in the Greater Baton Rouge area, Stephanie is able to bring her expertise of the local market to ensure a seamless buying or selling experience for her buyers and sellers. Professionalism paired with a strong work ethic sets Stephanie apart as she is able to bring in a constant flow of repeat business and referrals from past clients and friends.


I've worked with real estate agents from the upper Midwest to the desert Southwest and the Gulf Coast. Experience tells me that a local professional, someone with a full-time real estate career has obvious advantages in being familiar with market trends, neighborhoods, amenities, lenders and their  competitors. But the most important traits of a professional agent are the ability to LISTEN to their clientele. give complete, unbiased information and anticipate issues that, as determined by their intuition (mostly gained through conversations with the client) are critical to the buyer whether they have already considered these items or not. Someone who isn't afraid to mention both the positive and negative about a prospective property such that the buyer might avoid financial mistakes that often occur by viewing a property "through rose colored glasses". This method of going above and beyond creates a relationship based on trust and mutual benefit. And this is what Stephanie Gill is all about. She takes as much time and puts in whatever efforts are required for each client such that when the process is completed the chosen home is as close to perfect for the client's circumstances as humanly possible. I'm not certain that the term "professional" does Stephanie enough justice. She is without doubt one of if not the best agent I have had the pleasure to associate with over my 35+ years of home buying. Stop looking around and CALL HER. It's a guaranteed win for YOU!

-Phil & Jean T

Stephanie was the PERFECT agent to work with, from start to finish! I was buying a home from out of state and moving and she made everything step easy and helped make this process so seemingly effortless. She was FANTASTIC and I will never work with anyone else! She was knowledgable, responsive,  genuine, and just so kind hearted and an overall excellent agent! I was so impressed and I recommend her to everyone.

-Julie T

Stephanie was true professional from day one. She is by far the best realtor that I have ever dealt with. She listened to what I was looking for and only sent homes that met my criteria. She was very helpful in the whole process and was very proactive in setting up appointments and leading me  through the closing process. I would highly recommend Stephanie. It was a pleasure working with her. 

-Blaine A